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SNOWY from TIME Video

Filmmakers Kaitlyn Schwalje and Alex Wolf Lewis decided to make a film about Snowy the pet turtle after spending Thanksgiving with him one year. Their short documentary is both an investigation into animal happiness and an intervention to improve one turtle’s life.

Director / Writer: Kaitlyn Schwalje
Director / Cinematographer: Alex Wolf Lewis
Editors: Katharina Stroh & Alexander Heringer
Producers: Rebecca Stern & Justin Levy
Executive Producers: Meryl Goldsmith, Cheryl Dillard Staurulakis & Dana Nachman
Supervising Producer for Time: Justine Simons
Consulting Producer for Time Studios: Alexandra Johnes
Sound Design: Luciano Vignola
Color & VFX: Filipp V. Kotsishevskiy

2014-03-01 23
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