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Wastefellow - 'Post-Credits Scene' from conor donoghue

Post-Credits Scene Is a short film about the monotony and repetitiveness of the office work environment told through the format of live action/paper animation. The process involved me printing out every frame we shot and then manipulating each frame by either drawing on it, ripping it up or physically cutting and pasting different frames together. I would then scan every frame back into the computer, sometimes moving the frame while it's being scanned to give a warping effect. There was no digital effects or compositing done for the video, only hand animation and scan warping. This process took 6 months to achieve.

Directed/Edited/Animated by Conor Donoghue
Produced by Dave Fox and Conor Donoghue
Cinematography by Ronan Nissenbaum

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Fionn Russell

Diolmhain Ingram Roche
Dara Mckeagney
Izzy Creane
Cathleen Kerrigan
Dave Fox
Sian Demery
Alexie Hagon
Owen Deforge

Huge thank you to
Brenda Donoghue
Martin Donoghue
Jon Kelly
Ellius Grace
Luke Moran
David Willis
Mark Luna
Claire Donoghue
Emma Smith
Becky O'Sullivan
Darragh King
Nathanael Macdonald
George Hannaford
Snap print
Barnabus Cousley
Warren Fox
Callum O'Brien
Brendan Doherty
Elena Horgan
Berni O'Leary
Seamus Waters
Eilis Doherty
Stephaine Johnson
Eric Donoghue
Keth Davids
Ronan Hennigan
Conor Costello
Luke Daly
Konrad Olszewski

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